Charles Sexton

Hi, my name is Charlie. I'm a Power Platform Solutions Architect and work for a Microsoft Partner called Bridgeall

I've had to turn my hand to many different things throughout my career, but web development has been prominent in every job. Even back in 2001 I was making web apps to increase efficiency and organisation. PHP and MySQL was my tech stack back then. That progressed to Laravel (PHP) and Vue.js (JavaScript), and then onto Sveltekit (TypeScript - Sveltekit was used for this website).

Nowadays I'm spending a lot of time working with Power Apps, and loving it. I do miss working completely in code sometimes, so I've recently taken to learning C# and Blazor.

My Microsoft Certifications

I love that Microsoft give us the ability to demonstrate our knowledge through certifications, so I've become somewhat of a collector. Here's what I've attained so far:

Power Platform Solutions Architect Power Platform Functional Consulant Power Platform App Maker Power Platform Developer Azure Fundamentals Azure Data Fundamentals Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Power Platform Fundamentals

Public Speaking

I started public speaking in November 2023, starting with a 10-minute talk on Dataverse for #Dataweekender. Shortly after that I did a talk for the London Dynamics 365 & Power Platform UK User Group (D365PPUG). This time it was at Microsoft's offices in Paddington, talking about form design in Power Apps to a room full of people for 45 minutes.

Charles Sexton speaking at Microsoft's offices in London

I repeated the form design talk at a virtual event for the Scottish Power Platform User Group in December 2023.

I had a lovely start to 2024 with a talk at the ANS offices in Manchester for Manchester D365PPUG. This time I was helping developers to become better designers, with simple tips that would have a major impact on their UI/UX.

Charles Sexton and Keith Atherton in Manchester

Charles Sexton (left) with the lovely Keith Atherton (right).

Other events

I've done other talks since, and have more to come. In June 2024, I'm going to be talking about performance in Power Apps at the European Power Platform Conference in Belgium!

I can't keep up with them all now, so here's my profile on Sessionize that should list everything.